Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann is a Swiss visual artist, currently living and working in Bremgarten, AG, Switzerland.

Due to her past as a trained Graphic Designer, she has created a series of Collages and Acrylics on Canvas, which refers to the elements of life: earth, water, ice and air.


The themes about the climate change and the global consequences are part of her artistic history since many years.

Influenced by nature, the compositions reflect her passion for the richness of nature, a sense of wonder of life and its mysteries.

The euphoric colours elicit universal truth and infinite illusion while paying homage to the beauty that surrounds us.

Karin: “Climate change affects all regions around the world. Polar ice shields are melting and the sea is rising.

Today many people are disconnected from the importance of nature and prefer to exploit it rather than nurturing it.”

Karin Köpfli-Fehlmanns’ original artworks are presented in private and public collections in Switzerland and Singapore.