Novum Investments is a company in the art business in Basel (Switzerland), focused on supporting extraordinarily talented and professional artists from different countries. Novum offers the possibility to come and exhibit your artwork in the center of one of the most important cities for contemporary art. Marketing strategies are focused on 3 days or more to get in touch with potential clients so that customers can relate to you and become impressed by your accomplishments. You can show off some of your work, so potential customers know what they are dealing with and it is great way to make sales.
For most artists, the goal is to use their talent and their passion to make a living and to build and maintain a network of professionals.
Novum provides art consulting services, art price data, articles for artists and collectors, and market research and information for anyone involved in art.
Services for collectors and people who own art include consulting and advising on buying, selling, donating in works of fine art, appraising works of fine art and opinions in legal cases involving art.

Every Client counts!
We can only create lasting value for our business by creating value for clients.
No company can exist without satisfied clients!


Novum provides an all-round art network for artists, galleries, collectors and promotion and advertising channels, artist memberships, online art gallery, art news portal, charity art auctions, and art book publishing.

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