About my artwork

I’m exploring mobiles, instable equilibriums and the process of centering by balance. The complexity and often centrifugally perceived forces in daily life makes inner contemplation, orientation and centering particularly important.



In the more recent pictures shown here, I am creating supposedly stable spatial structures, which evoke in all their absurdity a sense of fragility. The complex network which dances through the space offers to be explored by eye. To deepen the experience, the viewer is invited to a visual journey which turns into a balancing act where the room level becomes a time domain. In the ground segment pictures too, a system of labyrinth-like walls play around a middle.


Sculptures, Objects

I find what falls in my lap and show it anew, looking for the life in the dead material. In a sort of search for evidence or recollection, I carve out the essence of the objects, show their singularities and enhance them through combination and reduction. ‚Upcycling’ if you will.

Production of art works since1984

1988-91 Art school Zürich (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste zhdk)

Today: 50% position as teacher for art, creative design and crafts

Traveling and working in South- and Central America 1984/85, 1987/88 and 1993


Various solo- and group exhibitions since 1992 e.g. at the Kunstmuseum Olten, 1999; „Der Wind, der Wind, das irdische Kind“ Aeromatics (lever wind wheels)


In the public speher: Aeromatic at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel; acquisition 2003


Paintings and mobiles at the Passwang Center, Breitenbach





Novum Investments

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