„My paintings can be described as my own personal diary, with my head creating the geometry and my heart guiding my choice of color.“

An entirely self-taught painter, I worked as an investment banker before I decided to take up my brush and become an artist. My geometric abstract paintings can best be described as fresh and dynamic, adjectives one might not immediately associate with the genre. Channeling my lifelong love of descriptive geometry and drawing, I form the complex, riveting patterns in my head before drawing them directly onto the canvas, without the assistance of computers or preparatory sketches. Once the skeleton is established, I go back and paint in the colors, which add a powerful emotionality to my work. In my precise patterns are the building blocks of our world: points of light, the movement of wind, the organic curves of plants, and the slate and glass of urban architecture. I have always wanted my paintings to provide a sense of relief, timelessness, and inner joy to all viewers.

I live and create in Prague, Czech republic.


„I love geometry and I love colors - painting gives me an amazing chance to bring this two fascinating elements together and create something very powerful. This helps me to express my way of perceiving reality around me, not only my joy, love, happiness but also common fears and misunderstanding around us. Geometry helps me to describe things in a clean sharp way, colors brings the emotion into this world - what a beautiful and fascinating play“.

„My paintings can be described as my own personal diary, with my head creating the geometry and my heart guiding my choice of color.“


• 9/ 2013 - Solo exhibition Transparent Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

• 8/2014 – Collective Exhibition, Amsterdam Gallery, New York, USA

• 9/2014 Participation at the 14th International Art Fair in Rotterdam, Laurenskerk, the Netherlands

• 10/2014 – Participation at the 1st International Art Fair –World Wide Art, Los Angeles, USA

• 11/2014 – Participation at the 14th International Art Fair – Art Capital Grand Palais, Paris, France

• 12/2014 – Collective exhibition, Artic Blue Gallery, Ibiza, Spain

• 1/2015 - Collective exhibition, Agora Gallery, New York, USA.

• 4/2015 - Participation at the ART EXPO NYC, New York, U.S.A.

• 5/2015 - Solo exhibition, Amadeus Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

• 10/2015 – 4/2016 Solo exhibition „Art is in the air“, House of culture Kladno, Czech Republic

• 2/2016 - Collective exhibition – Galerie Charlotte Norberg, Paris, France





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