I can’t express my gratitude ! It is amazing what Slavomira @Basel Art Gallery does! The vernissage is organised with so much passion, love for art, creativity and professionalism! She is a rolemodel for the art gallery scene of Switzerland. She is mainly responsible for the great support of modern art. I also like to point out her great skills on Social Media – she does a fantastic job for the community and as well in terms of promotion & network! I love to work with her ad musician and a friend – she is super efficient and straight forward ! I can definitively recommend her. As singer I would like to point out the fact that her appreciation of music and art is unique. Thank you Slavomira!

Alma Cilurzo

Slavica has the ability to organize art exhibitions mixing a good variety of artists showcasing their work of art in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Her enthusiasm for art and her commitment are unique and result in a surprising and exciting experience at each of her vernissages. Keep up the good work! Alexa Elsener-Kovacs Hong Kong.

Alexa Elsener-Kovacs

Slavica has the ability to bring together many talented artists with first class art work. She has great organisation skills and manages to create an amazing ambience at all her exhibitions.

Irene Pieri

Slavica dedicates herself with so much passion and enthusiasm when organising the exhibitions @ Basel Art Center.She creates a platform where wonderful artists can meet.The themes are always well chosen. Her friendly and professional demeanor leads to a very relaxed atmosphere in the exhibitions.

Sara Leela Arts

Slavica has a grat professionality, organizing art exhibitions and mixing different artists, styles in an enjoying Vernissage. Her enthusiasm for art and her commitment are visible. Just keep on!

Stefania Pinsone

Es ist mir immer wieder eine Freude, wenn ich bei Slavomira ausstellen darf. Weil es eine gute Mischung ist, zwischen Professionalität und Herzlichkeit. Auf weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.

Alexandra Maria Bischoff

Gerne empfehle ich Künstlern die Ausstellungen von Slavomira wahrzunehmen, da sie den Künstlern auch ein gutes Marketing auf internationaler Ebene bietet.

Hanno Reitschmidt

Slavica possess the unique feeling of putting together different pieces of art into a brilliant collection and making them genuinely actual to the market. She puts all her passion into the promotion of art works and it pays off with a lot of interest from exhibitions visitors and customers. ‘If you love it – buy it!’ – tells Slavica and it looks like she knows a shortest path into the hearts of art lovers.

Sev Mironov