I am a Russian – Spanish artist based in Madrid. Graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts named after V. Mukhina of Saint Petersburg, specialized as a Painting Restorer. Worked as a restorer, later as a graphic designer and illustrator. Since 2017, positioned as a full-time artist.

Artist’s statement: The aesthetic direction of my work can be described as a figurative/primitive style. In these paintings, you can see grotesque characters, sometimes erotic, but the ultimate goal of my work is to show the universal grace of the human body, along with the comical naivety of human ideas, concepts, and thoughts.

6.2021 – MundoArti Museum group virtual exhibition, Valencia
3.2021 – Group virtual exhibition and auction by TrueqArt community, Madrid
2.2021 – Group virtual exhibition – Winner of the REBIRTH Art Competition by THE HOLY ART
2019 – Art – Love Group exhibition, Saint Petersburg
2019 – Publication in the Brenda Art Magazine
2018 – Personal exhibition – Jinete Azul Gallery, Madrid
2016 – Personal exhibition – Barajas Cultural Center, Madrid
2013 – Group exhibition – Union of Artists Exhibition Center, Saint Petersburg
2012 – Parallax Group Show, London
2012 – Masquerade Group Show, Saint Petersburg
2011 – Vyborg Group Exhibition, Saint Petersburg