I was born on the tropical island, Mauritius and have been living in South East Asia and India for the last 10 years. I hold a BFA and have been painting for the last 20 years and participated in exhibitions in Mauritius, Lebanon, Italy and The Seychelles. As I child, I was always drawn to nature and plants compel me to study them and they bring me great joy. Plants make me think about deeper issues and their colours fill me with wonder. Through art, I create my own sanctuary which I portray by depicting a collection of lush plants with broad tropical leaves and inspiring shapes.

Artist’s statement: Inspired by the boundless colours unique to the tropical traits of South East Asian region, my compositions represent a deep understanding of the natural world and an awe of its unpredictable flow. I incorporate bold, somewhat delicate shapes of intuitive abstraction in my work. The natural complexity of colours leads to a dreamy organic composition of feminine perspective, both lush and abundant. I have developed a sensitive approach to emotions, value and context. My foliage compositions are always focused on structure, with a unique palette, embracing my emotional sense rather than literal reproduction of nature. I invite the audience to reconnect with nature and to embrace its healing powers.

2021 – “ Intrinsic Nature” – Online Group Exhibition –The Curator’s Salon-London
2021 – “Catharsis” – Online Group Exhibition – Teaching Artist Podcast – USA
2020 – CoronArts – Online Exhibition-Zeearts Gallery – Dubai/Mauritius
2020 – “When You Fall Asleep” – Online Group Exhibition – Artmumsunited – Czech Republic
2020 – “Mauritian Artist Diaspora” – Webinar Speaker – organized by ZeeArts – Dubai, UEA
2020 – Summer Solstice – Group Exhibition – Roccart Gallery – Florence, Italy
2011 – Salon de Mai – Annual Exhibition – Mahatma Gandhi Institute – Moka, Mauritius
2010 – “Exposition lor lekwater” – Group Exhibition at La Kaz Zanana – Mahe, Seychelles
2010 – “Salon d’Ete” – National Art Gallery – Mauritius
2009 – “Francophonie” Group Exhibition at the Palais de L’Unesco – Beirut, Lebanon