What Inspires You? 

I find inspiration … or rather inspiration finds me, it calls me quietly and skillfully runs through my thoughts. I am a thinker but I often express words through my art. Inspiration finds me everywhere … in everyday life, in the journeys to the unknown, in the fear of the already seen, in the eyes of the submissive woman, in the yard of the lonely man, in the poverty of the rich, in the spiritual hunger, in the greed of humanity, under the benches, in the cities where I have not been yet, in the street corner of 65 degrees next to the building where I lived a long time ago, in the scream of the nearby forest, in the darkness, in unfulfilled dreams where love wins, in the lost life I try to I create it again, from the emptiness … the inspiration finds me and I am ready. It exhausts me until the moment I cut the colorful papers and start gluing them without sketching and orientation but always supported by the experience of my active and rich subconscious.

What is the connection of your artwork with an environmental topic?

I care about the environment. In my NGO projects, I have realized many workshops on this topic and many fun workshops with children from 6 to 14 years old. In connection with my artwork, I collect old magazines and paper, which I turn into art. Here I want to announce my new abstract series of recycled paper …. paper that I could not use in the current series of works.

Is there something that you have designed that you are most proud of?

I can honestly say that I am a very simple person. For my age I have achieved many goals guided by the pleasure I feel while working … so I always try to do something new to learn something interesting. From time to time, people who know me well will remind me of some of my successes and I will then happily recall what I did.