Koredesuka is a contemporary Japanese artist.
During the last years, she exhibits her Artworks mostly online through the internet portals, such as: Modern Art Energy and SaatchiArt. Since the last years she also has been taking in not only Asian, but also European exhibitions. In 2020 she took part in Parisian Art exhibition sponsored by Modern Art Energy. Koredesuka spends most of her artistic activities in Japan. Her home country and beliefs have shaped her approach to Art and self-expression through it.

Artist’s statement: My Artworks are just the intersection of today’s reality and abstraction. I am fully interested in creating Art that seems like a familiar world to us, but at the same time ambiguous, general and abstract. In my drawn world, I am focussing in visualizing fairy images and simple shapes, that are crossing, overlapping, going up, and ultimately creating a sense of depth and mulitilyers that we can identify our world with.

I can draw on paper as I wish.
I have a disability. It’s hard to talk about yourself. But with pictures, you can express various things. I have a lot of ideas on paper. I’ve been drawing only manga since I was little. Now I can come up with any number of ideas on paper. Colored pencils are gentle. Moreover, it makes me feel very kind. That’s why I want to keep drawing.