The objective of my art is, through combining the opportunities of digital technology with traditional painting and the art of poetry, to evoke emotions, to stimulate reflection and daydreams. I prefer painting flowers, following a quote of Buddha: “If you could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change”. While flowers are the basic subject in my paintings, flowers can become transformed into different schemes. A part of my art is in general simple, plain and focused on the essentials, often with Japanese or Asian touch. Other schemes are loaded with color and movements. In the current exhibition pieces of my artwork out of the new “Surprise Collection” are shown. Each painting gets a small poem as title, which is built similarly to a Japanese haiku, intended to stimulate thinking and reflection.

2021 – ArtBox Project World 1.0
2020 – Kulturnachtausstellung Rheinfelden
2020 – SwissArtExpo Zurich
2020 – Artbox.Project Zurich
2020 – Luxembourg Art Price
2020 – Novum Investments Basel
2019 – Arte Temporis Rheinfelden
2019 – Offene Ateliers Rheinfelden
2019 – Ausstellung Rheinfelden