Ausstellungen [Auswahl]:


​2017   Peter Millard & Partners Project, Thames Wharf                     Studios, London Montreux Art     

           Gallery salon d’art contemporain

2016   Art Innsbruck, International Art Fair

           Art Fair Zürich

2015   BPS SUISSE, Solo exhibition, Basel

           ARTE BINNINGEN 2015, Group exhibition, Basel

           Art Fair Zürich

2014   SUISSE-ARTE Kunstförderpreis 2015, mit BPS                       SUISSE, Basel

2014   Group exhibition, Basel

           Galerie Art Mathieu, Solo exhibition, Olten

           Haus des Sports von Swiss Olympic, Solo exhibition,               Bern Atelier am Bach, Group exhibition, Sempach

2013   Kunsförderprojekt kunst(t)raum.12, p.i.n.k.elefant.                 Solo exhibition, Bern

           Mixed Art. Basel ART Center Halle 33. Group                         exhibition, Basel

2012    Kunstkritik-Preis (1. Place) ARTE BINNINGEN,                      Group exhibition,  Basel

Virginia is an Argentinian artist based in Switzerland. Virginia produces wall sculptures and paintings inspired by elements of nature.

The artist trained as a painter at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. She has gone on to receive awards for her art in Switzerland from Arte Binningen, p.i.n.k.elefant and Suisse-Art.

Virginia has exhibited at a variety of art fairs in Austria and Switzerland. Public and private collectors in Europe, the US, Middle East and Asia have bought her work.




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