Pavol Maria Schultz uses bronze, stone and hardwood to fulfil his artistic visions. He knows materials intimately and treats it as a living substance, neither attempting to master the material, nor becoming its slave. As Schultz himself says, he respects this creative partnership and holds it in high esteem. Schultz´s work defies categorization. It does not easily lend itself to classification according to movement or „isms“, as every sculpture is underscored with a personal statement, which carefully sidesteps outside influences and reflects  the  artist’s own theme or visions.

Pavol Maria Schultz was born in Trnava, Slovakia on 27th June 1951. The better part of his childhood was happily spent near castle Smolenice  in beautiful, wooded countryside, surroundings. At fourteen, he moved  to Bratislava where he finished secondary schooling and went on to graduate from university.


His private study of sculpture as well as his various internships abroad to St.Peterburg, Prague, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna, London, Munich, Havana, Tel Aviv, Canada… most certainly broadened his professional „world view“. However he maintains that his creative work is the product of the modest surroundings of home and studio.


Shortly before the velvet revolution in 1989 he has joined the new liberal art group “GERULATA”

and became its member





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