Niaz Itrat

Most of my work is full of colour, showing my enthusiastic nature and positive attitude towards life.

It would be an honour for me to share my work with you all!

After my MSc in Toxicology I thought about working in pharmaceuticals, but changed my mind as soon as I got married and instead decided to dedicate myself to my family.

Around 9 years ago, art came back into my life when my daughter received an art kit as a birthday present. Asif, my husband, saw me totally indulged in the pleasure of

making a small painting and found a way to show how much he cares about me! He took me to a big store and asked me to buy whatever I needed to start painting. Since then

I've been painting for pure pleasure.

My inspirations usually come from the places I have been to, my origin and the place where I live now, coupled with – believe it or not – my scientific background!

I'm from New Zealand, a Kiwi Indian you might say :-)

I learned art only in primary school, which was essentially nothing but exploring by yourself. I was interested in art and science equally but ended up studying science.




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