2018 SHADOWS OF THE PARADISE, Gallery in OC Cassovia, Košice, Slovakia                                                                                               

2017 WORLD STRUCTURES, Retrospective Exhibition in Carraf's Prison Gallery, Prešov, Slovakia                     


2017 Kolbuszowa 2017, International painting-sculpture plenair, Kolbuszowa, Poland                          

2017 GOLDEN LINE, international painting-sculpture plenair, Lubomiersz, Poland                                                                                             

2017 Per spektrum 2017, exhibition in the Gallery in Carraf's Prison, Prešov, Slovakia                                     

2016 BIENNALE OF FREE ART, Slovak Art Union, Turcian Gallery, Martin, Slovakia                                               


2016 Middle of the world, live time act (PERFORMANCE), festival of creativity and skill, Piešťany


2016 There will be virtues in the future?, Collective Exhibition with Zita Aranyász, Museum, Prešov 


2016 SALON Nyíregyháza 2015, Gallery Átrium, Nyíregyháza, Hungary                                                                                               

2016 Gallery Átrium, Nyíregyháza, Hungary  

2015 SALON Nyíregyháza 2015, Gallery Átrium, Nyíregyháza, Hungary   


2015 BIENALLE OF WATER, Pécs,Hungary   


2015 Save me, Poland-Slovak House, Gorlice,Poland    


2014 SALON 2014, Gallery Átrium, Prešov,Slovakia                                                                         

2013 Tatra‘s Meditations, Encián Gallery Rocky Ball - the first exhibition at the highest gallery in Central  Europe and the second highest gallery in Europe, Slovakia                                                             

2013 Light places, Gallery Per Spektrum, Prešov, Slovakia                                                                        

2012 SALON 2012, Gallery Átrium, Prešov, Slovakia                                                                                

2012 Diversity, Šariš gallery, Prešov, Slovakia  

2011 Cycle of several exhibitions and projects under the title "FANTASY EVENINGS", BIZARRE, Prešov,


2010 Selection of 3rd BIENNALE OF FREE ART, Gallery S.V.U. Mánes Diamant, Prague, Czech


2010 PERFORMANCE: Picture in Man, Man in Picture, Šariš Gallery in Prešov, Slovakia                              


2010 3. BIENNALE OF FREE ART, 2010, House of Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia                                               

2008 Selection of 2rd BIENNALE OF FREE ART, Galéria S.V.U. Mánes Diamant, Prague, Czech Republic


2008 BIENNALE OF FREE ART, Exhibition Hall of the Slovak Union of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia   


2008 Loss of Consciousness, Small Gallery, Nowy Sacz, Poland                                                                                                                 

2008 Per Spektrum, Galeria B.Chromeho, Krakow, Poland                                                            

2007 HONK KONG GRAPHIC ART FIESTA 2007, Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong, China                               


2007 My world 30, Amslico and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Bratislava, Slovakia                                           


2007 Prešov‘s Per Spektrum, Umelka, Bratislava, Slovakia                                                                    

2007 LANDSCAPES OF THE SOUL, Artepolis, Madrid,



Born in september 20, 1977 in Prešov (SLOVAKIA). He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in B.Bystrica. He has participated in several joint exhibitions, projects and realizations at home and abroad (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, China). In 2005 he founded the advertising agency FANTASY FACTORY, which in 2010 turned into a creative studio. In 2006-2008 he worked in the Department of Fine Arts and Art at the Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences of the University of Presov (teaching painting and drawing) in 2010 -2011 taught at the School of Prešov, 2014-2015 at the Primary School in Prešov and the Pedagogical School in Prešov, Faculty of Music and Art Education (art specialty subjects). In the years 2005 - 2009 he reconstructed the wall paintings of the chapel at Calvary in Prešov. At present, she deals with jewelery, smaller objects and installations and, apart from classical painting and graphic techniques that are constantly devoted to him, is also developing his own original technique. This special technique of changing the same image in another form creates double images that complement the idea of ​​one image to a second new idea by revealing hidden, new, unknown imaging possibilities by means of illuminating colors. At present, he is a freelance artist. He is a member of the Slovak Art Union, IAA, AIAP, NGO, NGO (Associations of Art) and Prešov associations Per Spektrum and Atrium.



1997 - 2003

Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica (Department of Graphics and Painting)                       


1996 - 1997

Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice Art Department) 


1992 - 1996

School of Utility Art, Košice (Department of Graphic Design)


2000 - Prague - the heart of Europe, Honorable mention, Prague, Czech Republic                                                             


2000 - VOX HUMANA, Honorable Recognition at the International Biennial of Young Artists, Ostrava, Czech Republic                                                                           

2001 - Honorable recognition of the director of Tatrabanka for the free creation of students of the Art Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia





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