With an unique style, Eni Emilia presented her concept of "We are energy", which includes: body shapes, curves and movements that are taking shape in her sculptures. With patience, rigor, precision and delicacy, she gives life to her sculptures with a new technique using electrical wire. The expression of the energy feeds her passion as a benevolent obsession and breath of life.


She communicates with her art, energy as life and life as energy in free circulation. When energy stops flowing it is chaos, suffering, imbalance and death. But, when energy flows freely there is joy, inspiration, creativity, harmony, love and beauty; everything shines, everything is full.


The creations of Eni Emilia are like an extension of her vital energy. If you are experiencing the fascinating art of Emilia, then you are already familiar with its powerful and charismatic approach that appeals to all true Human emotions. Her creations have uncanny ability to mesmerize an audience and go effortlessly in the history of modern art with a fascinating expressive ability.


This romanian artist lives and works in Switzerland.





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