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2016           Awarded as a favorite and most popular artist of the year                       by AP  Gallery, Vilnius Lithuania. During the year artist                         participated in several  showcasing of artworks in Vilnius                        and Kaunas. Group exhibition at M.A.D Gallery in Milan,                        Italy. Awarded with professional artist status by                                      Lithuanian government.

2015            Organized international fine art Symposium “Only                                  painting” in Lithuania (project manager).

                    Solo photography exhibition at Lithuania’s parliament palace.

                    Directing theater performance „Lion of Palanga“ for a                            theater group  and gymnasium students from Obeliai                            town.

                    Published in the book (In)Dependant Contemporary art                          histories 1987-2014" Vol II.

2014            Rimvydas was granted with funding to build and design a                      town  square  in Obeliai, Lithuania.

                    Organized international fine art Symposium “Only                                  painting” in Lithuania (project manager and participant).                      During fallowing year, paintings created during the                                symposium have been exhibited several times in art                              galleries and public building in Lithuania and Latvia.

2011-2010    Participating in international Bianalle contemporary                             Graphics  exhibition  „IOSIF ISER“, Romania.

2007             Participated in the International Amateur Theater                                 Festival AITA / IATA, Musan (Korea). 

                     Participated in the International Amateur Theater                                 Festival Theater Mont-Laurier" in Mont-Laurier, Canada. 

2000             participated in the International Artists' Symposium in                         Ochiepoj, Italy.

2000-2006     annually organized FLUXUS poetry reading festival in                            conjunction with Richard Sileika "ANYS KALBES                                    ZODZIAIS" (“THEY WILL TALK IN WORDS”) in Obeliai,                            Lithuania

1999              Organized project "Threshold" together with John                                  Mekas, New York (USA) and Arunas Kulikauskas, Berlin                        (Germany), art exhibition in Obeliai, Lithuania. 

1988              The first exhibition in the library of Siauliai city. 



Born 1965 in Obeliai, Lituanie / Lithuania, he graduated 1983 from Obeliai secondary school and then 1984 graduated from Siauliai Thirteenth professional technical school (miller specialty). 2006 he received the Bachelor of Arts and a professional teacher’s qualification at Siauliai University of Arts and Technology.

Rimvydas Pupelis was one of couple artists to star, promote and influence FLUXUS-movement in Lithuania. In cooperation with world famous artists, Jonas Mekas (USA) and Jurgis Maciunas (USA) Rimvydas organized and coordinated several exhibitions and art projects in Lithuania.

His artistic achievements are included in several mandatory schooling art books. Artist’s works and interviews are many times published in numerous newspapers and magazines, TV-news and telecast.





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